Leather Girls - S/T Debut - Out on June 2nd

Leather Girls first unleashed their ferocious style of garage rock upon their hometown of Austin, Texas in 2015 after Erik Camacho (guitar/lead vox) and Mike Garrido (guitar/vox) bonded over their shared affinity for Tropic√°lia, Los Dug Dugs, and Billy Childish. Dillon Fernandez soon got added into the mix (drums) shortly followed by Deborah White (bass/vox).

Once a fully gelled unit, they quickly garnered a reputation for their high energy live show and blistering fuzz accentuated with a hint of Texas twang - sharing bills with legends like Holly GolightlyThe DictatorsMr. Airplane Man and becoming a favorite show partner with local heavy hitters Ringo Deathstarr and Holy Wave.

Their highly anticipated self titled debut album will be released on June 2nd viaYippee Ki Yay Records, and delivers a range of raw, airy, raucous, high energy rock sounds - much like a brick of $8 firecrackers set off in a metal trash can and then shoved in the trunk of a Chevy Nova that had to be saved up for.