Kate Crash Shares "How We Play The Game" Video On Impose | 'To You Never Again' LP Out 6/16

Kate Crash Shares "How We Play The Game" Video Via Impose

LP 'To You Never Again' Out 6/16
WATCH & SHARE: Kate Crash - "How We Play The Game"
"“How We Play The Game” is a harrowing track, with confident vocals, centered on the anguish of relationships."
- Impose
Impose has shared Kate Crash's video for the track "How We Play The Game".  It's the first single off of Kate's upcoming album. When discussing the song Kate described it as, "Boy meets girl, psycho romance, every day's one last chance, a brutal cycle of Peter Pan pretend". "To You Never Again' is out 6/16.

Kate Crash is a Los Angeles-based songwriter, producer, filmmaker, entertainer, writer and multimedia artist.  In her teen years she made weird art, wrote poetry books, and played in punk and industrial bands.  After graduating from Cal Arts, she moved to Tokyo where she performed her music in surreal street shows and made avant garde films.
When she came back to L.A. she was discovered and cultivated by legendary producer Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire).  Launay produced 3 EP’s for Crash that were released under Joan Jett’s Blackheart Records and George Martin’s Grand Master.  She then released a dance-pop EP that she co-produced with various Grammy winners including Jimmy Harry, Jason Evigan, Ethan Kaufmann, and Ryosuke Sakai. Crash now writes, performs, and produces all her songs which are mixed and engineered by Ethan Kaufmann.
Her influences run the gamut from Hole to Rachmaninov to Iggy Pop, David Bowie, JAMC, the Birthday Party, Max Martin produced pop gems, Ryan Adams, punk, hip hop, and glam.
On June 16th Kate Crash’s first full length video album “To You Never Again” will be released.  Written, performed and recorded completely by Crash in her apartment, it combines hip hop beats with dark dreamy pop chorus’s and electric guitars.  It is accompanied by raw, hard hitting videos she created with director Ashley Walters, editor Linda Strawberry and actor Brett Grace.  They were shot two days in and around her apartment in order to maintain the vulnerable, volatile, and homemade feel of the album.  It's about a character hitting rock bottom, which causes them to realize that most of what they believe is just programming from childhood, society, and media.

Some of her current projects include: writing TV shows with director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilght, 13, Lords of Dogtown); writing, directing, and scoring the film “Messiah of Dogs”; creating a futuristic multimedia musical with long time collaborator and friend Michael J. Masucci; writing and producing songs for film and TV; and creating wild fashion that you can enjoy on her Instagram.