'Zillion' Available February 3, 2017
Record Release Show February 3, 2017 at Austin, TX's Swan Dive

"It's our sincere hope that this is the future of rock" - Central Track
Austin, TX's psychedelic dance-pop auteur Ty Richards, is pleased to share "Going Out for a Cigarette, the latest exploration from his upcoming debut full-length album,Zillion. Available February 3, 2017, Zillion brings a trippy blend of infectious grooves along with super-addictive hooks that keep the record spinning long after the music is over. Adding to the offering, Richards will also be performing on February 3, 2017 to celebrate the release at Austin, TX's Swan Dive with support from The Cuckoos, Whit and special guests.
Central Track ranked Richards' first single "Spaceman" number 2 in their "Top 100 Songs of 2016" this past December. Meanwhile Austin, TX's Johnny Goudie, host of How Did I Get Here? touts Richards as a "hurricane of artistry" after he landed Song of the Day on KUTX.
Richards explains "'Going out for a Cigarette' is a funny song. Like a lot of the tracks on this new record, it has at least a subtle amount of humor, which I need at this point of my life. I'll preface this with the fact that most of these songs are open to interpretation and weren't originally intended to have a specific meaning per say. I wrote the lyrics using a 'mumble track' method where I translated my nonsense lyrics into these words. But It's kind of a freudian way of writing, so I end up with a ton of meaning after the fact, and it's usually something super personal and embarrassing. After the fact, the song just happened to turn into this story."
He goes on to say "I hear it as a nice guy's national anthem. I like the role reversal of turning the nice guy into a badass and the bad boy into a flake loser. To me, it's about a dude who's caught in the "friend zone" with a girl and can't break through to become a love interest, meanwhile she's in an abusive relationship with the much more desirable bad boy. An age-old story that I feel probably plagues a lot of guys. Now that I'm talking about it, this guy was definitely me at one point. Damn. In any case, the guy is nice in every way but at the same time he would do anything to fight for and protect this girl who doesn't even love him. Maybe this song is my way of saying 'Ladies! Forget the bad boys, maybe the nice guys are the ones who will actually fight for you.' I also like the parts of the song that allude to the old cliche of the husband leaving the house to go 'out for cigarettes' and then never comes back again. This is a song for all the squares like me, I guess."
Ty Richards is causing a commotion in the States & Europe. Fans call him "Beck Zeppelin." As an emerging artist in an ocean of droning garage rock and auto-tuned hipster pop, Ty Richards sticks out like a sore thumb with his danceable grooves and super-nostalgic psychedelic hooks.
In late 2015 his debut single "Shoulda Coulda Woulda" even sparked attention across the pond. In a recent interview, Paul Heath of Radio X in Europe referred to Richards as an "All-American musical genius." Like many of the greats, from Prince and Stevie Wonder all the way to Foo Fighters and Tame Impala, Ty Richards also writes, performs, records, produces and even mixes his records. Richards has spent the last year molding this highly anticipated album that is paving the way for a lifetime of records that will stand as true art that is here to stay.
Album Release Show:
02/03 Swan Dive, Austin, TX