Colin Newman (of WIRE) Announces Reissues Of Three Classic Solo Albums

Colin Newman (of WIRE) Announces Reissues Of Three Classic Solo Albums

‘A-Z’/ ‘Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish’/ ‘Not To’ Due October 28th Via Sentient Sonics
Colin Newman is best known as singer and chief songwriter with the ground breaking post-punk band WIRE. From their internationally influential 1977 debut ‘Pink Flag’ right up to 2016’s critical acclaimed ‘Nocturnal Koreans’, Newman and Wire have always been at music’s cutting edge. 
Throughout 1980-82, Newman released a series of solo work. From sound-tracking The Silence of the Lambs to being covered by This Mortal Coil, this solo work sought a place in history in it’s own right and has been unavailable for many years. 
Today we announce the reissue of three of Colin Newman’s classic solo records, to be made available in on October 28th via his own new imprint Sentient Sonics (originally released via Beggars Banquet/ 4AD):
  • A-Z’ (1980)
  • Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish’  (1981)
  • Not To’ (1982)
The ‘A-Z/ Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish/Not To’ vinyl release will consist of the 3 re-mastered original albums, released as three single albums. The ‘A-Z/ Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish/Not To’ CD release will consist of the 3 re-mastered original albums, each accompanied by a companion CD of extra tracks, B-sides & demos - many of which have never been released before, which will be released as 3 double-CDs. 
Single Vinyl (SS01 LP) // Double CD (SS01/02 CD)
In 1980, Newman released his debut solo album ‘A-Z’, which, as the title suggests, offers up a wide spectrum of musical approaches and sees multiple envelopes being pushed. Now, for the first time, the album has been completely re-mastered, and is augmented with an additional disc of bonus tracks, including out-takes, alternate versions, B-sides, demos and home recordings.
‘A-Z’ picks up exactly where Wire’s classic first three albums left off. In fact, Newman’s debut is one of post-punk’s great lost masterpieces, mixing slanted lyrics, fizzing analogue synths and Newman’s trademark angular guitar work. Highlights include the bass propelled stomp of album opener ‘I’ve Waited Ages’, which features heavily distorted guitar loops and some seriously bizarre lyrics which could give Spike Milligan a run for his money. While the Syd Barrett on steroids mania of ’S-S-S-Star Eyes’ sees Newman constructing a strangely catchy song from just one note, around which are woven numerous counter melodies.
Elsewhere, the melancholic and brooding ‘Alone’ (which has text by Wire’s Graham Lewis) propels itself into view with such majestic menace that it would later earn a well deserved place on the‘Silence of the Lambs’ soundtrack. Despite the unforced experimentation, tracks such as ‘Inventory’, with its brisk guitar and synth stylings, prove that Newman never lost touch with his ‘pop side’. As the NME review of the time so accurately observed, ‘A-Z’ is “An album in which experiment and accessibility co-exist”.
The CD only ‘A-Z’ bonus disc includes an additional 17 tracks - only 4 of which have previously been released. The demos recorded at Riverside Studios, are a revelation. Without the more obvious studio interventions of their final incarnations, tracks such as ‘But No’ and ‘The Classic Remains’ offer startlingly different takes on the material. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the demo of‘Life on Deck’. While the album version is heavy with absurdist punk abrasion, the original comes over as a piece of hook laden guitar pop. Other treats include the poignant ‘Alone on Piano’ which does exactly what it says in the title, and one of Newman’s great lost songs ‘Not Me’ - later covered by This Mortal Coil on their epochal album ‘It’ll End in Tears’. Meanwhile, Newman’s original lo-fi home demos present the songs in more stark, experimental form.
‘A-Z’ shows Newman at the height of his powers, fashioning music which sounded utterly unlike anything else at the time. Or indeed since.

A–Z - Vinyl & CD disc 1 tracklist:
1. I’ve Waited Ages / 2. & Jury / 3. Alone/ 4. Order for Order / 5. Image 6. Life on Deck / 7. Troisième / 8. S-S-S-Star Eyes / 9. Seconds to Last 10. Inventory / 11. But No / 12. B
A–Z - CD disc 2 track list:
Studio Demos
1. Life on Deck / 2. The Classic Remains / 3. Don’t Bring Reminders / 4. Image 5. Not Me / 6. But No / 7. Troisième / 8. I’ve Waited Ages/ 9. Order for Order
Studio Recordings
10. Alone on Piano / 11. The Classic Remains
Home Studio Demos
12. Order for Order / 13. Not Me / 14. The Classic Remains / 15. Troisième 16. Standard Practice/ 17. Part of Our History
A–Z CD 1 Performed by DESMOND SIMMONS, ROBERT GREY, MIKE THORNE, COLIN NEWMAN + CHARLES BULLEN (clarinet, Track 7). Producer: MIKE THORNE. Recorded at Scorpio Sound (London). Engineers: DENNIS WEINREICH & STEVE PARKER. Original paintings by COLIN NEWMAN. Paintings & design re–imagined by BEN NEWMAN.
A–Z CD 2 Tracks 1–9 performed by DESMOND SIMMONS, ROBERT GREY, COLIN NEWMAN. Recorded at Riverside Recordings (Chiswick). Track 10 performed by MIKE THORNE & COLIN NEWMAN. Recorded at Media Sound (New York). Track 11 performed by DESMOND SIMMONS, ROBERT GREY, MIKE THORNE, COLIN NEWMAN. Recorded at Scorpio Sound (London). Tracks 12–17 performed by COLIN NEWMAN. Recorded in West Norwood.
COLIN NEWMAN - ‘provisionally entitled the singing fish’
Single Vinyl (SS03 LP) // Double CD (SS03/04 CD)
Colin Newman’s second solo album, the perversely named ‘provisionally entitled the singing fish’, was released in 1981 and proves that Newman was more than able to work outside the traditional rock format.
A collection of imaginary soundtrack pieces in the manner of Brian Eno’s ‘Music For Films’,‘provisionally entitled the singing fish’ is a diverse collection of instrumentals, encompassing the atmospheric, the abstract and the thrillingly propulsive. Now, for the first time, this album has been completely remastered and augmented with a whole disc of additional tracks, including alternate vocal versions, B-sides and demo recordings.
Sounds described it as “Wonderfully cinematic”. And it’s not hard to see why. Witness the misty, ambient marshes of ‘Fish 4’, or the tripped out Morricone-esque soundscape of ‘Fish 11’. But there are moments of intensity here too. Check out the deliriously insistent krautrock of ‘Fish 7’, or ’Fish 9’, where Newman speeds up the rhythm tracks to dadaist effect. The album as a whole displays a true desire to endlessly experiment.
Newman’s first self produced set, its ambition and scope show why he would go on to become producer of choice for post punk luminaries such as Minimal Compact and Virgin Prunes.
The CD only bonus disc presents an additional 20 tracks, only 5 of which have previously seen the light of day. There’s a number of fascinating vocal versions of the Fish tracks, including the wide eyed ‘No Doubt’ (‘Fish 1’) and the skeletal psych of ‘You And Your Dog’ (‘Fish 11‘). Meanwhile, Newman’s home recordings from the era reveal that aside from experimenting with more abstract soundscapes, he was also simultaneously developing a set of vocal songs. Of particular note are the fuzz bass driven ‘Is It Worth Repeating?’ which features one of Newman’s most relaxed vocals and the airy Canterbury Scene stylings of ‘Crystal Clear’. In contrast, the menacingly insistent ‘Vox Pop’ sees a snarling vocal riding atop waves of pulsing distorted guitars.
In the late 80s, numerous artists as diverse as Barry Adamson and In The Nursery would go on to release so called imaginary soundtracks. But with 1981’s ‘provisionally entitled the singing fish’Newman proved that, as ever, he was well ahead of the curve.

provisionally entitled the singing fish - Vinyl & CD disc 1 track list:
1. fish1 /2. fish2/3. fish3/4. fish4/5. fish5/6. fish6/7. fish7 8. fish8/9. fish9/10.fish10/11.fish11/12.fish12
provisionally entitled the singing fish - CD disc 2 track list
Studio Recordings
1. You and Your Dog / 2. Here Come the Fleeing Rabbits / 3. No Doubt 4. The Grace You Know / 5. This Picture
Home Studio Demos
6. fish 9 / 7. fish 11 / 8. Crystal Clear / 9. A Passing Parade / 10. Soft Option 11. Original Suicide / 12. You and Your Dog / 13. Is It Worth Repeating?
14. It Isn’t Quite Enough / 15. I Can Feel It / 16. Atmos 1 / 17. Atmos 2
18. Now You Know / 19. Kiora Kora / 20. Vox Pop

    provisionally entitled the singing fish CD 1 Instruments, mouth noise, cover and production: COLIN NEWMAN. Engineering and facilitating: STEVE PARKER. Track 9 drums ROBERT GREY. Recorded & mixed at Scorpio Sound (London). Photographs by ANNETTE GREEN.
    provisionally entitled the singing fish CD 2 Tracks 1–4 additional recording by JOHN FRYER at Blackwing Studio (London). Track 5 recorded by STEVE PARKER at Scorpio Sound (London). Tracks 6–9 & 11–20 performed by COLIN NEWMAN. Recorded in West Norwood. Track 10 performed by DESMOND SIMMONS, ROBERT GREY, SIMON GILLHAM, COLIN NEWMAN in Rob’s basement studio in Brixton.
    COLIN NEWMAN - ‘Not To’ 
    Single Vinyl (SS05 LP) // Double CD (SS05/06 CD)
    Newman’s third album ‘Not To’ (1982) is probably the finest of them all. Now, for the first time, the album has been completely remastered and augmented with a whole additional disc of unreleased tracks.
    ‘Not To’ sees Newman developing his distinctive art-rock in a more melodic pop direction. Songs such as the gorgeous ‘Lorries‘ with its chiming Byrds-like guitars and serpentine bass line, or the reflective‘Remove For Improvement’, contribute to an album with a strong psychedelic sensibility - complete with an unexpected Beatles cover - a deeply woozy take on George Harrison’s ‘Blue Jay Way’.
    Other highlights include the beautiful, meditative title track and the minimalist stream of consciousness of ‘Truculent Yet’. Where Newman’s previous albums had foregrounded studio experimentation, ‘Not To’ keeps the focus clearly on the band dynamic. For this reason, the collection of songs has a timelessness which many albums of the period lack. Contemporary reviews were unstinting in their praise. NME called it “icicle-cool pop” . Hot Press described it as “Newman’s most commercial offering to date... this man could be a major force.” While Melody Maker summed it up even more neatly; “Originality and a determined lack of compromise...what more could you want?”
    The additional disc presents the luminous single ‘We Means We Starts’ alongside 21 previously unreleased songs, which essentially constitute the demos for what would have been Newman’s 4th solo album. And it turns out it would have included some absolute gems. ‘But Either Way’ wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Wire’s ‘154’, while the fizzingly optimistic ‘You Must Decide’ is up there with Newman’s finest songs. Some of the demos also feature early sequencer work which point towards both Wire’s mid-80s incarnation and the ideas Newman would develop in his later solo work. Another treat is an early incarnation of the ‘Not To’ track ‘1, 2, 3, Beep Beep’ . Far superior to the quirky album cut, here it comes across as much more intense, yet also far more melodic.
    What shines out from both ‘Not To’ itself and these demo recordings is an abundance of ideas and approaches, showing an artist with an ever evolving creative drive.
    Not To - Vinyl & CD disc 1 track list:
    1. Lorries / 2. Don’t Bring Reminders / 3. You, Me and Happy
    4. We Meet Under Tables / 5. Safe / 6. Truculent Yet / 7. 5/10
    8. 1, 2, 3, Beep, Beep / 9. Not To / 10. Indians! / 11. Remove for Improvement 12. Blue Jay Way
    Not To - CD disc 2 track list:
    Home Studio Demos
    1. Truculent Yet / 2. Remove for Improvement / 3. You, Me and Happy
    4. 1, 2, 3, Beep, Beep / 5. I’m Still Here / 6. It’s Just My Heart
    7. If Time Had Been / 8. Hello Mr. Sandman / 9. Greensleeves / 10. This Time 11. Keeping It to Myself / 12. You Must Decide / 13. Don’t You Disagree?
    14. Lunaris / 15. At Rest / 16. A Word in Your Ear / 17. Where Was I? / 18. Wo Hoe 19. But Either Way / 20. We Means We Starts / 21. Ye Rama Dabble Am
    Studio Recording
    22. We Means We Starts
    Not To CD 1 Music performed by DESMOND SIMMONS, ROBERT GREY, SIMON GILLHAM, COLIN NEWMAN + BRUCE GILBERT (guitar, Track 10 ). Produced by COLIN NEWMAN. Engineered by STEVE PARKER. Recorded & mixed at Scorpio Sound (London). Cover by ANNETTE GREEN.
    Text tracks 3,5 & 7 GRAHAM LEWIS, track 11 BRUCE GILBERT all other tracks COLIN NEWMAN.
    Not To CD 2 Tracks 1–21 performed by COLIN NEWMAN + ROBERT GREY (drums, Tracks 3, 4, 6, 7, 9–12, 14, 17, 19, 21). Tracks 1–4 recorded in West Norwood. Tracks 5–13 recorded in Chalford, Gloucestershire. Tracks 14–21 recorded in West Norwood. Track 22 performed by SIMON GILLHAM, CHARLES ARTHUR, TOM MORLEY, COLIN NEWMAN. Engineered by STEVE PARKER. Recorded & mixed at Scorpio Sound (London).

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    Mick Harvey Moves to January Release, French Institute Q&A 11/1


    Photo credit: L.J.Spruyt / L.J.Spruyt Photography
    Mick Harvey announces a release date change for his fourth and final volume of Serge Gainsbourg covers,Intoxicated Women, now being released on January 20, 2017 via Mute.  He will be in conversation at theFrench Institute in London on Tuesday November 1, discussing his relationship with the work of Serge Gainsbourg and the translation process involved in his interpretations of Gainbourg’s work which began with 1996’s Intoxicated Man.

    For tickets and further information, click HERE.

    “Dents de Lait, Dents de Loup’” is one of many songs Gainsbourg wrote for the French yé yé singer France Gall. For his translated version of the 1967 duet, “Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth,” Harvey recruited a special guest for the song – his son, Solomon. Listen HERE.

    Intoxicated Women mainly concentrates on the duets and songs written by Gainsbourg, mostly during the 60s, in a period where he was focusing his songwriting on singers such as France Gall, Juliette Greco and most famously, Brigitte Bardot.

    Here Harvey has enlisted the talents of guest singers Channthy Kak (Cambodian Space Project), Australian singers Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo), Sophia Brous, Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt and Jess Ribeiro and the German chanteuse Andrea Schroeder plus the special appearance on “Wolfy Teeth” by Harvey’s son, Solomon.

    Intoxicated Women opens with a stunning version of ‘”Je T’aime… (Moi non plus)” – here titled “Ich Liebe Dich… (Ich Dich Auch Nicht)” - rendered in the sexiest imaginable German by the divine Ms. Schroeder and culminates with “Cargo Cult,” the closing track from the classic Melody Nelson album. In between we are treated to a smorgasbord of Gainsbourg gems in English (with a bit of Khmer thrown in).

    “After the initial recordings for ‘Delirium Tremens’ JP Shilo and I continued investigating the duets and female songs, many of which were unknown to me. So it became a voyage of discovery into quite a lot of material I hadn’t heard before. There are even a couple of songs for which the only versions existing from the 60s are from TV performances Serge gave.” [“The Drowned One” (La Noyée) and “Wolfy Teeth” (Dents de Lait, Dents de Loup)]
    A recent reissue of Vol. 1 and 2 rekindled Harvey’s interested in the Gainsbourg translations and 20 years after the release of Vol. 1 - Intoxicated Man, work began on what would become Volumes 3 and 4. Recording in late 2015 in Melbourne with J.P. Shilo and the rest of his Antipodean-based live band, 10 songs were tracked at Birdland Studios. The project then relocated to Berlin where a further 9 songs were recorded with Toby Dammit (The Stooges, Residents) and Bertrand Burgalat (of French label Tricatel) who was the string arranger on the first 2 volumes.

    The resultant recordings served to whet Harvey’s appetite for more and almost immediately work continued back in Melbourne in order to have enough material to fill 2 new volumes. Along with principle musical collaborator, Shilo (with whom Harvey also worked on Rowland S. Howard’s Pop Crimes) and Melbourne based musicians Glenn Lewis and Hugo Cran, Harvey enlisted the aforementioned female singers to help complete this final volume in the series.

    Listen to a sampler for Intoxicated Women HERE.

    Intoxicated Women – Tracklisting and Featured Vocalists
    Ich Liebe Dich...Ich Dich Auch Nicht (Je T'Aime… Moi Non Plus)
    - featuring Andrea Schroeder & Mick Harvey on vocals
    All Day Suckers (Les Sucettes) - with Mick Harvey on vocals
    Contact - featuring Channthy Kak & Xanthe Waite on vocals
    Prévert's Song (Chanson de Prévert) - featuring Jess Ribeiro & Mick Harvey on vocals
    The Eyes To Cry (Les Yeux  Pour Pleurer) - featuring Sophia Brous on vocals
    Puppet Of Wax, Puppet Of Song (Poupée de Cire, Poupée de Son) - feat Xanthe Waite on vocals
    Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth (Dents de Lait, Dents de Loup)
    - featuring Solomon Harvey & Mick Harvey on vocals
    God Smokes Havanas (Dieu est un Fumeur des Havanes)
    - featuring Andrea Schroeder & Mick Harvey on vocals
    While Rereading Your Letter (En Relisant Ta Lettre)
    - featuring Sophia Brous & Mick Harvey on vocals
    Sensuelle et Sans Suite - featuring Lyndelle-Jayne Spruyt on vocals
    The Homely Ones (Les Petits Boudins) - featuring Xanthe Waite on vocals
    Lost Loves (Les Amours Perdues) - with Mick Harvey on vocals
    Striptease - featuring Andrea Schroeder on vocals
    The Drowned One (La Noyée) - featuring Jess Ribeiro & Mick Harvey on vocals
    Cargo Cult (Cargo Culte) - with Mick Harvey on vocals

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    30 DAYS, 30 SONGS Musicians Align Against Donald Trump, Final Group of Artists Against Donald Trump

    30 DAYS, 30 SONGS
    Musicians Align Against Donald Trump

    Final Group of Artists Against Donald Trump Includes Cold War Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Mission of Burma, Bob Mould, Local Natives, Tim Heidecker, Rogue Wave, Ryan Miller of Guster, and more!
    Today we begin the homestretch of 30 Days, 30 Songs, an independent project in support of defeating this year's Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, as we head into the final nine days of the project.  Created by writer Dave Eggers and the team that brought you2012's 90 Days, 90 Reasons, 30 Days, 30 Songs is a daily, evolving playlist featuring two protest songs a day.

    This week's songs kick off today with a brand new song by Cold War Kids.  This final run of songs also includes artists such as Mission of Burma, Bob Mould, Ryan Miller of Guster, JPEG MAFIA, The Long Winters, Open Mike Eagle, Jimmy Eat World, Kyle Craft, Local Natives, Greg Holden, Laura Gibson, Tim Heidecker, Modern Baseball, and Rogue Wave.
    All songs will be posted on 30days30songs.com as well as via the following playlists:


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    L7 Share Shirley Manson Interview Clip, Reveal Doc. Film Artwork + Add 2nd LA Show

    L7: Pretend We’re Dead
    Documentary Film Artwork Revealed Today

    Shirley Manson Interview Clip Premiered By Rookie

    World Premiere At DOC NYC 2016 Festival + Two Shows In LA!

    11/20: Los Angeles, CA @ The Troubadour
    11/21: Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex

    Fierce, feminist pioneers of American grunge punk, L7 recently released the trailerfor L7: Pretend We're Dead, the documentary, produced by Blue Hats Creativeand directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Price (American Movie, The Yes Men, Summercamp). Rookie premiered a first glimpse of the film, an interview with Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson reflecting on her admiration for the band and their pop-culture influence. Watch the Shirley Manson interview clip HERE, we encourage you to post & share!

    L7: Pretend We're Dead will premiere at the prestigious DOC NYC Festival on Friday, November 11 at 9:45pm at SVA 1. In celebration, the band has announced what are sure to be two blazing blowout hometown shows at The Troubadour (11/20) and Echoplex (11/21) in Los Angeles. The Echoplex show goes on sale tomorrow, 11/1!

    L7: Pretend We're Dead is a culmination of the band’s re-ignited enthusiasm fueled by their fans’ outpouring of encouragement and support on social media when the band hinted at the idea of a documentary in early 2015. Offering particularly revelatory insight into the band's 16-year career and eventual dissolution in 2001, the film features exclusive interviews with Exene Cervenka (X), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Shirley Manson (Garbage), Louise Post (Veruca Salt), Joan Jettand more.

    Photo Credit: Rob Sheridan

    Website | Facebook | Twitter

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    KEXP Broadcasts Live from Iceland Airwaves

    KEXP Broadcasts Live from Iceland Airwaves Starting Wednesday

    Seattle – October 31, 2016  Join KEXP as we return to the land of fire and ice, broadcasting live from KEX Hostel in Reykjavik for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. KEXP’s international broadcast will feature 16 exclusive performances live on air on Wednesday, November 2, through Saturday, November 5, from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST.

    Iceland Airwaves 2016Sets on Wednesday through Friday can be heard live on KEXP at 90.3 FM in Seattle and worldwide at kexp.org. All sets will be streamed with live video on KEXP’s Facebook page.

    Over the past decade, KEXP has developed a deep relationship with Iceland, connecting incredible artists such as Of Monsters and Men, Júníus Meyvant, Samaris, Sóley, Ólafur Arnalds and GusGus with KEXP’s global audience of music lovers.

    “We’re excited and honored to share Iceland’s rich musical treasures alongside great International and Seattle artists performing at our Iceland Airwaves broadcast,” said KEXP Chief Content Officer Kevin Cole.  “KEXP is about connecting with music lovers and artists, between diverse genres and eras of music, and between people sharing breath in our global community--regardless of generation or location. It is our desire that you’ll discover phenomenal new music while, at the same time, through this shared musical experience, feel that the world is a smaller place, and that through the power of music, we are all truly connected.”

    If you are in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves, the following performances and broadcast at KEX Hostel are free and open to the public. Space is limited on a first come, first served basis.

    Wednesday, November 2nd
    06:00AM PST/ 09:00AM EST – SUÐ
    08:30AM PST/ 11:30AM EST – Gangly
    11:00AM PST/ 02:00PM EST – Singapore Sling
    01:30PM PST/ 04:30PM EST – The Sonics

    Thursday, November 3rd
    06:00AM PST/ 09:00AM EST – Samaris
    08:30AM PST/ 11:30AM EST – Axel Flóvent
    11:00AM PST/ 02:00PM EST – Coals
    01:30PM PST/ 04:30PM EST – Kronos Quartet

    Friday, November 4th
    06:00AM PST/ 09:00AM EST – Moji and The Midnight Sons
    08:30AM PST/ 11:30AM EST – Digable Planets
    11:00AM PST/ 02:00PM EST – Adia Victoria
    01:30PM PST/ 04:30PM EST – Kate Tempest

    Saturday, November 5th [not broadcast but available as live streaming video]
    06:00AM PST/ 09:00AM EST – Let’s Eat Grandma
    08:30AM PST/ 11:30AM EST – Mammút
    11:00AM PST/ 02:00PM EST – Andy Svarthol
    01:30PM PST/ 04:30PM EST – Dream Wife

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    Cherry Glazerr details new album 'Apocalipstick' + Shares horror-themed video + LP due out 1/20/17 via Secretly Canadian




    "a band poised for greatness." - The Los Angeles Times

    "they're right up there with the best America has to offer today" - Iggy Pop

    "Someone to bet on" - The New York Times

    "a massive step forward." - Pitchfork

    It's with great excitement that Cherry Glazerr announces their new album Apocalipstick. The band's first album for Secretly Canadian was recorded at Hollywood's iconic Sunset Sound studio with acclaimed producers Joe Chicarrelli (The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes) and Carlos De La Garza (Bleached, M83, Paramore). 

    To celebrate, the band is sharing "Nurse Ratched", which was written by lead-singer Clementine Creevy as she mused on the evil Nurse Ratched character in Ken Kesey's masterpiece One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. The track's slasher flick video is directed by Horror film director/producer Roxanne Benjamin who is know for her films Southbound and V/H/S among other work. Perfectly timed for it's release on Halloween, watch as what appears to be an innocent - albeit bizarre - hitchhiking ride turns into a bloody massacre.

    "Nurse Ratched" is the second single to be heard from the forthcoming record and follows the previously shared "Told You I'd Be With Guys". The album's first single dealt with issues of female solidarity and earned praise from The New York Times who notes "she finds herself stranded between the 'ladies' she mistakenly left behind and the guys she is wary of." Meanwhile, The Los Angeles Times proclaimed it "the best song yet from a band poised for greatness", while Pitchfork awarded it 'Best New Track' honors while calling the song "a massive step forward".

    Cherry Glazerr are fresh off three spectacular and no-holds-barred festival performances at Southern California's psychedelic gathering Desert Daze, London's Mirrors Festival, and Pitchfork Avant Garde in Paris. The band is now announcing a North American headline tour in 2017 but before that they are closing out 2016 with a festive four-date California run in between Christmas and New Years.

    Apocalipstick is available for preorder now. All digital preorders will come with instant grats of "Told You I'd Be With The Guys" and "Nurse Ratched". The Secretly Canadian album bundle will include Rumble 7" with "Territorial Pissings" and "Nuclear Bomb (acoustic)" and a chance to win a "Golden Ticket". 

    "Golden Ticket" Contest:

    100 x greeting cards handmade by Cherry Glazerr will be inserted randomly into the limited edition clear vinyl with pink splatter. Five of these cards are "Golden Tickets". If you receive one of these five, you win a personalized prize pack from the band! 

    If discovered, please post a picture of it on Instagram or Facebook and tag @CherryGlazerr. The band will personally respond with details on how to receive your prize pack. These cards will be in limited edition vinyl worldwide, not exclusive to Secretly Canadian bundle.

    Check out the video for "Nurse Ratched" below and scroll down to see the full album details.

    WATCH: "Nurse Ratched" - 

    Tour Dates:

    10/31 - London, UK @ The Shacklewell Arms
    12/27 - Fresno, CA @ Strummers 
    12/28 - Santa Barbara, CA @ Velvet Jones 
    12/29 - Pomona, CA @ Glass House 
    12/30 - San Diego, CA @ Irenic
    1/15 - Washington, DC @ DC9
    1/16 - Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMoca     
    1/18 - New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    1/20 - Boston, MA @ Middle East
    1/21 - Montreal, QC @ The Ritz
    1/24 - Toronto, ON @ Velvet Underground
    1/25 - Detroit, MI @ El Club
    1/27 - Cleveland, OH @ The Grog Shop
    1/28 - Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
    1/30 - Madison, WI @ Rathskeller at U of Wisconsin Madison
    1/31 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
    2/1 - Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
    2/3 - Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
    2/4 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
    2/7 - Vancouver, BC @ The Cobalt
    2/8 - Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
    2/9 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
    2/11 - San Francisco, CA @ Slim's
    2/12 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst
    2/16 - Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram
    2/22 - Antwerp, BE @ Trix Bar
    2/28 - London, UK @ The Camden Assembly

    About Cherry Glazerr:

    Society would deem that a prodigious girl can't be in a progressive rock band while also being in complete control of its creative vision, business plan and social messaging. Society is wrong. Clementine Creevy, a 19 year old teen Queen with a headstrong resolve like her hero Patti Smith and a cartoon laugh like Muttley the dog, dreamed up Cherry Glazerr in her LA bedroom alone and is perhaps more capable of figuring a music career out than anyone who attempts this treacherous life path. And yet, she carries herself very lightly. "This one's going to be a flop!" she jokes, here to discuss the newly lined-up trio's second album, Apocalipstick. It's every bit as epic, funny, life-assuring, doom-defiant and flaming fire as that title sounds. What's more, it's the soundtrack to their collective rockstar evolution.

    Today things look a little different from the band's early days back in 2014 when they were associated with much-loved Cali imprint Burger Records (who put out their intoxicating debut Haxel Princess) and Suicide Squeeze (who released the Had Ten Dollaz 7-inch). Back then, they were born as a different trio, featuring Hannah Uribe and Sean Redman who have since both moved onto other artistic pursuits.

    Now bolstering Clem's vision is the loud-in-every-way-possible drummer Tabor Allen and the level-headed but bad-ass, multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth who plays synths and notably French Horn (Clem is still scheming on how to incorporate that into Cherry Glazerr's sound). The first time the new trio all jammed together minds were blown. "My world was rocked," recalls Clem. "I'd never played with someone who was technically that good before. It made me think, Man I gotta really step my shit up!"
    On Apocalipstick the band worked with "rock'n'roll wizard" Joe Chicarelli [White Stripes, The Shins, The Strokes] and Carlos de la Garza [Bleached, M83, Tegan and Sara]. Understandably the band felt a sense of vulnerability when laying themselves bare to Joe, a producer they had so much respect for. Dispelling her own sense of ego was an added hurdle for Clem, but it allowed for their greatest risk-taking as a band yet and has paid off exponentially. "I didn't even smoke weed during pre-production because I didn't wanna disappoint Joe. I didn't wanna get in trouble!" laughs Clem. She adds, "Making a record is such a spiritual thing. You laugh, you cry, you're miserable and the happiest you'll ever be." Tabor chimes in with typically comedy drummer timing, "It was so much simpler than that for me. Just, 'These drums sound sick."
    The band's newfound self-discipline and motivation has evolved Cherry Glazerr into a wildly complex, hugely guitar heavy, and unapologetically loud machine. "People may be shocked by the jump in our sound," says Sasami, eager to establish that this record isn't intended to be some fancy statement about reaching their pinnacle. It was simply an opportunity they couldn't turn down. Clem has since learned how to quit focusing her attention on the fans or wider critical response. "There was a time when I just couldn't write songs because of that. You can't do that," she says. "You can't be emotionally free if you're pandering to anyone. Serving the music is the one and only thing that matters." That's hard when you have people telling you what to do all the time.
    "Comedy in music is extremely important to me because humour is all we have as human beings," Clem adds. The jests are particularly strong on the disgustingly catchy track 'Trash People' - it's quite literal in its self-deprecation levels. "That's a fun song about how I have dirty fucking habits," says Clem. "It's about being road rats, nasty ass, dirty fuckers. That's how I like to live." 'Instagratification' is a tongue-in-cheek musing on social media narcissism, which the band admit to feeding off. Sasami notes that women are shamed so much more often for their posts: "Who the fuck cares? If you wanna post a photo of your pussy go for it! The ultimate white privilege is sweating the small shit, judging people for things that don't matter."
    When it comes to sweating the major shit, Cherry Glazerr live like they want to see others live. They don't want to preach certain politics, they'd rather hold court for an open discourse. The subject of equality among the sexes, however, holds a special, unavoidable place for Clem, torchbearer for feminism in its raddest forms. That's so key to her aesthetic that it's the opening sentiment ofApocalipstick via the anthemic, disaster-laden 'Told You I'd Be With The Guys'. The song documents Clem's realization that she needed to establish solidarity with other women and stop being a "lone wolf". "Sexism is so ingrained in me, I can often feel that men are the only ones who can help me socially, economically. The most important thing in my life is that I've realized I need to work for solidarity. That song's both hopeful and dismal!" she laughs. Clem still feels the constant need to prove herself. "Women work from behind their oppression. In order to make good art you need to be emotionally free and sadly, not a lot of women are able to do that. That always puts a fire under my ass."

    Cherry Glazerr
    (January 20th, Secretly Canadian)

    1. Told You I'd Be With The Guys
    2. Trash People
    3. Moon Dust
    4. Humble Pro
    5. Nuclear Bomb
    6. Only Kid On The Block
    7. Lucid Dreams
    8. Sip O' Poison
    9. Nurse Ratched
    10. Instagratification
    11. Apocalipstick

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    The Faint Share "ESP" Video With Stereogum; CAPSULE:1999-2016 out now on Saddle Creek

    The Faint Share "ESP" Video With Stereogum
    CAPSULE:1999-2016 out now on Saddle Creek
    On Tour Now With Gang Of Four & Pictureplane 
    Watch: "ESP" official video at Stereogum
    Watch: "Skylab1979" official video at Pitchfork or YouTube
    Watch: "Young & Realistic" video at SPIN or YouTube
    The Faint's new album CAPSULE:1999-2016 is now on CD, digitally and on 2xLP via Saddle Creek. CAPSULE:1999-2016 is available to order now in the Saddle Creek online store and digitally via iTunes. The 2xLP is pressed on silver vinyl and the first pressing of the album will include a bonus 7" featuring "Skylab1979" and "ESP." The Faint wrap up their tour with Gang Of Four and Pictureplane tonight in Omaha at Sokol Auditorium. 
    Today the band shared the official video for "ESP" with Stereogum. The video was directed by Nik Fackler (Icky Blossoms, Sick Birds Die EasyLovely, Still), shot by Jeremy Osbern and choreographed by Kat Fackler. Stereogum says,"Post-punk heroes the Faint are a particularly Halloween-friendly band, so it’s appropriate that they’ll wrap up their tour tonight at Sokol Auditorium in their hometown of Omaha alongside Gang Of Four and Pictureplane. To send the band off, director Nik Fackler has provided a video for 'ESP,' a contagiously ripply new track from their recent best-of collection CAPSULE:1999-2016. The dance-heavy clip is darkly lit and marked by eerie visual manipulation, and it elevates the song to new heights."
    CAPSULE:1999-2016 is a retrospective collection that represents a golden era for The Faint. The album includes 16 of their most beloved songs from five albums and is an excellent primer for new fans or a classic collection for those who’ve been nodding along since the Blank-Wave Arcadedays.  Consequence Of Sound premiered a stream of “ESP,” one of three new tracks appearing on the album in addition to the recently released “Young & Realistic and"Skylab1979". Todd Fink told Consequence Of Sound, "We all have crazy amazing dreams from time to time but i’ve come to realize that some people’s dream lives are even stranger." He adds, "This song is about being married to someone who has dreams about the future that come true. I used to think that all facts could be explained somehow, but I’m stumped on this. All I can do is sing about how I’d like to meet up with her inside this impossible realm." 
    The Omaha-based band had been kicking around for four years prior to that period, but had a hard time hitting their stride. “We didn’t make anything we really liked until 1999,” frontman Todd Fink laughs. The Faint released some initial material that fit in with the times—reminiscent of the post-punk sounds of Fugazi and other Dischord Records bands—but wasn’t anything spectacular, lacking the distinct personality that would eventually come to define them. 
    It was in writing “Worked Up So Sexual,” the hit single from 1999’s Blank-Wave Arcade, that the band struck their jackpot moment. They discovered an entirely original fusion of synth sounds over a blaring rock background, one that was as catchy as it was danceable. Just like that, the Faint captured lightning in a bottle. 
    “I felt lucky... like, blessed or something,” Fink remembers. “By the time we’d actually recorded those songs, we were like, ‘Yeah, this is where it’s at.’ We were excited to go play basement shows and little bars and halls and just bring the music that we hunted down, that felt like us.”
    Still reveling in the success of their newfound identity, the band added death metal guitarist Dapose and released their masterpiece, Danse Macabre, in 2001, one of Saddle Creek’s all-time “big three” albums, right up there with Cursive’s The Ugly Organ and Bright Eyes’ Lifted. It was a dark and sinister work that could still be enjoyed on the dance floor. Songs like “Agenda Suicide” and “Glass Danse” forced blasts of disorienting techno beats into aggressive, almost industrial noise that leaned heavily on filthy bass lines. The album exploded, and their weirdo melange of genres brought them a sizeable audience dancing along. 
    Armed with their new, dynamic sound, the band released an onslaught onto unsuspecting crowds around the country—a bombastic audio/visual assault of strobe lights, keyboards, and dance-punk. At times, they were convinced that their esoteric style of punk with a fun twist was bound to turn people off, but to their surprise, the Faint began to catch on. Over the next few years, they continued to evolve on Wet from Birth in 2004 and Fasciinatiion in 2008, before taking a hiatus prior to returning for their anticipated 2014 album, Doom Abuse
    CAPSULE:1999-2016 serves to bookend this remarkable 17-year period for the Omaha vets, a time which saw them as imitable pioneers of electro-punk. In addition to highlighting songs from five of The Faint’s most popular albums, CAPSULE:1999-2016 features three new songs. The recently released single, “Young & Realistic,” and two bonus unreleased songs: “Skylab1979” and “ESP,” all of which feature latest member Graham Ulicny (Reptar) on synth duties.  The new songs give a glimpse of what’s to come for The Faint, as they embark on a new chapter in their long, influential career.

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