Immersion Share "Fireflys" video with Clash Magazine; New Album Analogue Creatures Living On An Island Out Now via swim~

Immersion Share "Fireflys" video with Clash Magazine 

New Album Analogue Creatures Living On An Island Out Now via swim~
"Analogue Creatures Living On An Island is a collection of seductive instrumentals that's as sensual as it is hypnotic." - Drowned In Sound 
"The album is composed of largely electronic instrumental compositions that ebb and flow like the tide, and indeed the album was made during the pair's first year of living beside the sea, in Brighton." - The Quietus 
"Analogue Creatures Living On An Island is a truly beautiful collection of atmospheric drone-work." - MXDWN
Watch: "Fireflys" official video at Clash Online or YouTube
Stream: Analouge Creatures Living On An Island at Drowned In Sound
With their recent LP Analogue Creatures Living On An Island out now, instrumental ambient drone duo Immersion, made up of Wire's Colin Newman and Minimal Compact's Malka Spigel are sharing a new video for their recent single 'Fireflys'. Watch the video here

Directed by Brighton based animator Richard Jackson, the “Fireflys” video compliments Immersion's sparkling synth sounds perfectly. Immersion’s Colin Newman says, "We first met Richard at the monthlyBeep event in Brighton where he was VJ’ing.” He adds, “We felt his animation style would be well suited to Immersion’s music and asked him if he would be interested to make a video for us. As it happened he really liked our music too, describing the track as ‘Really uplifting and meditative.’ We think the resulting collaboration is fantastic and exceed all our expectations!”
Malka & Colin alongside writer Graham Duff will also be curating a series of nights under the name of “Nanocluster”. The launch on January 28th at The Hope & Ruin, in conjunction with Triptych, will see Immersion play, alongside electronic acts Merlin Tonto & Eva Bowen. More info here can be found here 
Analogue Creatures Living On An Island is the band's first LP in over 17 years. Between 1994 and 1998, the pair released three critically acclaimed albums of expansive electronica and their forthcoming LP adds a fourth to that collection. In the time between the last album and now, Immersion have kept themselves busy with numerous other projects, both collaboratively (Githead) and separately. The duo also relocated from London to Brighton and this move can be heard in the organic flow of the pair’s new and ever-developing songs.

Analogue Creatures Living On An Island cannot be simply categorized as ambient music, but rather, with it’s dazzling synths and magnetic electronics, the compositions can become tense and insistent, almost like a futuristic spy film, demonstrating Immersion’s skill at creating miniature worlds of sound alive with detail. 

For those who prefer vinyl, the album is available spread across two 10” singles Analogue Creatures andLiving On An Island respectively.
Analogue Creatures Living On An Island CD track listing: 
1. Always The Sea
2. Nanocluster (stream)
3. Fireflys (stream)
4. Shapeshifters
5. Living On An Island
6. Mechanical Creatures
7. Spinner
8. Organic Cities
9. Slow Light

Analogue Creatures Living On An Island Vinyl track listing:
Analogue Creatures
1. Always The Sea
2. Shapeshifters
3. Organic Cities
4. Mechanical Creatures
5. Slow Light
Living On An Island
1. Fireflys
2. Nanocluster
3. Spinner
4. Living On An Island