Fleurie Releases "Fire In My Bones" Video

Fleurie Releases "Fire In My Bones" Video

December 2, 2016 (Nashville, TN) -- Nashville artist Fleurie has unveiled her music video for "Fire In My Bones," the fourth video released from her critically acclaimed EP, Arrows. "'Fire In My Bones' is a song about the inner battle for control that stems from unresolved or buried pain and shame," explains Fleurie. "This video tells the story of the little girl still alive in me, wanting acceptance for her failures, and the woman I am today fighting to reign victorious, to believe I am in control.”

Released back in September of 2015, Arrows proved to be a launching pad for the electronically-laced, cinematic, dreamy pop sound that has come to be synonymous with Fleurie. NYLON Magazine originally premiered "Fire In My Bones," citing her ability to meld a singer/songwriter approach with electronica. NPR Music highlighted the EP's second single, "Still Your Girl," saying, "...Fleurie uses heavy, jarring electronica to turn an airy pop song into something dark and downright luscious."

2016 saw the release of Fleurie's cinematic album,Love and War, which featured many songs that have received prominent placements in TV and film. "Soldier" was used in the international film trailer forConcussion starring Will Smith, "Hurts Like Hell" can be heard in MTV's Scream, and she's had multiple placements on CW's The Originals with "Breathe" and "Sirens." On top of that, she recently wrapped up a national U.S. tour alongside hip-hop artist NF.

In-between releasing ArrowsLove and War, writing for TV/film, and touring the U.S., Fleurie has begun writing and preparing for her next full-length release.