Rose McGowan talks with Meredith Graves on this week's The Talkhouse Film Podcast



On the latest episode of the Talkhouse Film podcast, Perfect Pussy frontwoman talks with actress, director, singer and activist Rose McGowan. Their wide-ranging and compelling conversation touches on McGowan's troubled time in Hollywood; her move into directing; systemic misogyny, gender hypocrisy and violence against women; the no-holds-barred book she's currently writing, and much more - including a surprising and revelatory detour into their respective feelings about death. For more filmmakers talking film and TV, visit Talkhouse Film.

You can listen to the full episode HERE.

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"I'm writing a book right now ... It's called Brave. It's an early overview of my life, and about what Hollywood stole and what I took back and how you too can be brave in your own life." -Rose McGowan
"I'm going to [name names]. I don't care [about the consequences]. These people did these things and they do not deserve protection. They all act like it's this white male mafia that everybody's joined. I didn't join your mafia -- you didn't ask. Do you think I'm going to keep your secrets? Suck it!" -Rose McGowan on Brave.
"It's a dark place. People don't realize it, and I hate to disillusion people of they have any other idea about. ... I know. I am ground zero for this. I was the pixel that was sent out to be masturbated to. I'm very aware of what's up." -Rose McGowan on Hollywood
"I would ultimately like to have my own distribution company for women, and platform for women -- and not just to sit there and bitch about stuff ... and to do it. All those women who are deeply brainwashed in Hollywood -- they too have access to money. They need to wake up. They need to wake up. They are not serving their sisterhood." -Rose McGowan 

"I want to [m]ake a movie that puts together Gaslight, Jane Eyre -- the Mrs. Rochester character, who's locked in the attic -- and Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca. I want to put [together] all three women, who are all these tropes, that you're supposed to believe they're mad because they're unattractive or they're not good, and I want to change that and flip that on its ear." -Rose McGowan on what movie she'd like to remake