Heidi Lynne Gluck Debuts Video For Better Homes & Gardens

Heidi Lynne Gluck Debuts Video For “Better Homes & Gardens” Via The Big Takeover

New Album Pony Show Out Now On Lotuspool Records

Heidi Lynne Gluck has premiered her video for “Better Homes & Gardens” with The Big Takeover. The song appears on her debut full-length album Pony Showavailable now via Lotuspool Records. Additionally, the album track “Jumping Vows” was featured on Tig Notaro’s Amazon series, “One Mississippi.”

Don't be tricked by the perky piano – “Better Homes & Gardens” is a jab at the illusion of security that domesticity claims to provide. Landscaped yards, clean curtains, etiquette and decorum, and the emptiness that a highly controlled existence fulfilling expectations is sure to leave you with.  "I comb out every tangle/All the world's a cage/It takes some kind of actress/To fake the way I fake"

The sophisticated classic-pop instrumentation, played entirely by Gluck, is a spirited contrast to the lyrical lament. Playful descending piano dances with a mischievous Motown bass line and driving tambourine. Accordion fills the spaces between, and a high lonesome harmonica (which would be right at home on a Townes Van Zandt song,) works as a tearful cry for freedom on this Brill Building-meets-Broadway number.

Gluck says, "Better Homes & Gardens is a warning to myself - a pact I've made that I will not reach the end of my life filled with regret. After one slap-happy brainstorm, it was clear that director W. Dave Keith was up for a fun and ambitious video concept and brought in the Lotuspool DIT (Do It Together) team to morph my head with the body of a little girl for a frolicking and twisted video."

Pony Show’s narrative touches on perseverance amid the captivity of love, loss, and limbo. Produced, composed, and recorded by Gluck herself, the album demonstrates Heidi’s ability to transport listeners, taking cues from the tradition of her heroes and fellow Canadian exports, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young. Her sophisticated arrangements provide a strong foundation for melancholy lyrics sung with a delicate, self-assured, and authentic voice.

1. Pony Show
2. Mercury Rising
3. Sadness Is Psychedelic
4. Better Homes & Gardens
5. Waiting For You To Say It
6. Pin Striped Vest
7. I Like ‘Em Cruel
8. The Universe Had Split
9. Wolf
10. Jumping Vows