Cleo T. unveils new single 'S H I N E'

Unveils new single 'S H I N E' out Nov 4th
+ Paris Les 3 Baudets show on 27 Oct  
Walking in the steps of the great Divas of yesterday and tomorrow, Cleo T. delivers an emotional and theatrical pop, mixing acoustic instruments along with electronic beats. Based in Berlin since 2015, the parisian Femme Fatale brings her soulful songwriting in the heart of Berliner scene to collaborate with DJ and producer Rodion. 
Souvenirs of Kate Bush, Florence & The Machine, Nina Simone may be heard, but No "genre" will define this music. 
First single of forthcoming record : SHINE, draws constellations across the world, beyond any kind of borders. 
Between moonlight and meteor , Cleo T. takes us for a wild ride, carried along by virtuoso cellos, hypnotic beats and shamanic guitars. 
May our feet go deeper in the ground and our eyes look further towards the sky. 
3 years after her debut album produced by John Parish ( PJ Harvey) , Cleo T. returns with her new record, to be released in march 2017. This record gathers musicians from 12 countries, from Palestine to India, from electronic to world music background. Starting nov 4st , this artistic laboratory will take any occasion to generate bright lights by presenting videopoems , transmedia collaborations and other rarities. This on going project will feature musicians, visual artists, performers. The live show turns into a sensorial experience, where digital interactive paintings evolve in real time along with the concert. Cleo T. and her musicians will be touring in Europe and Scandinavia, from London to Sarajevo, following their own stars to Canada, Lebanon and beyond.
Live shows:
London Servant's Jazz Quarters Oct 26 
Paris Les 3 Baudets Oct 27 
Berlin NH Hotel Nov 5
Toronto Indie Week Nov 15 
Montréal Casa Del Popolo Nov 23
Milan Dec 3