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"Inspired by the classic Velvet Underground song "Caroline Says," this track by the Austin-based band Tele Novella is going to make you so happy." NPR All Sounds Considered on "Heavy Balloon"

"Tele Novella have a bittersweet sound, satisfyingly reminiscent of 1960s girl groups and crestfallen twee. Awash in tambourine and harmonies, their songs reveal the drama of figuring out what it means to be alive." Lenny Letter

"Following a 2014 single and a 2015 EP, the first album-length release from this quartet fully realizes their deliciously twisted artistic vision that's a little bit like if "The Addams Family" were a musical collective. Singer-guitarist Natalie Ribbons is the natural focal point, but it's just as obvious that this is a team effort: Keyboardist Sarah La Puerta, bassist Jason Chronis and drummer Matt Simon are all essential to the band's sound and style, which often seeks out dark corners that make their lighter moments all the more bright."Austin 360

"Tele Novella (featuring members of Agent Ribbons and Voxtrot) have a theatrical and literate sound; they've appeared on a Wes Anderson tribute compilation, but they've got a little of Tom Waits' or David Lynch's sense for the outré, as well, with moments more appropriate for Blue Velvet than The Royal Tenenbaums."LA Weekly

"Tele Novella's latest, House of Souls, is playing in the house next door to the Wilson brothers, heard just under the ear beyond the manicured shrubbery. Dreamy, humid, and teetering, ready to fall or be pushed at any minute. " Antigravity Magazine

"A bit reminscent of some of my favorites, Sleater-Kinney and Courtney Barnett, the vocals convey a certain facetious attitude. The sleek production is almost good enough to shine on its own, but then the surfy, washed out guitar licks combined with some low-key synths completely push it over the edge."  Baeble

"House of Souls is a fine pop album with morose undertones as there are references to corpses and death and things of that nature, but not in a Thriller type way, more like Os Mutantes. Illusion and delusion are subjective - we fabricate worlds in times of joy or duress causing things to seem better (or worse) than they are depending on the dominant feeling."Free Press Houston

"House of Souls reminds listeners why music is not only an auditory experience, but a visual one as well. Often lending itself to the world of film noir, Wes Anderson, and spaghetti westerns, it's impossible to listen to this album without an array of bright lights and colors flooding your mind. While the album may not be perfect (it sometimes stray too close to generic pop), Tele Novella have created a record that stands on its own and could provide a beautiful soundtrack. Tarantino, take note."Stitched Sound

Upcoming North American Tour Dates:

9.24.16 - Americano Festival - Nashville, TN
9.25.16 - San Loo - St. Louis, MO
9.26.16 - Vaudeville Mews - Des Moines, IA
9.27.16 - Gabe's - Iowa City 
9.28.16 - Mickey's Tavern-Madison, WI
9.29.16 - Mad Planet - Milwaukee, WI
9.30.16 - The Redline Tap Room - Chicago, IL
10.1.16 - Nietzsche's - Buffalo, NY *
10.3.16 - Vineyard Community Room - Rochester, NY *
10.4.16 - Divian Orange - Montreal, QC *
10.5.16 - Side Bar - Burlington, VT *
10.6.16 - PA Lounge - Boston, MA *
10.7.16 - Shea Stadium - Brooklyn, NY *
10.8.16- Stage One at FTC-Fairfield, CT*
10.9.16 - BSP Lounge-O Festival - Kingston, NY *
10.12.16 - Kung Fu Necktie - Philadelphia, PA *
10.13.16 - Villian & Saint - Bethesda, MD 
10.14.16 - Petra's - Charlotte, NC
10.15.16 - Blue Ridge Room - Asheville, NC
10.17.16 - Word Famous-Athens, GA
10.18.16 - Gasa Gasa - New Orleans, LA
10.19.16 - Red Room - Beaumont, TX

* w/ The Tins

More About Tele Novella:

Tele Novella is an inspired macabre-pop band out of Austin, TX. They are dreamy, they are spooky, and they write real fucking songs. While one may detect the influence of the nocturnal jungles of Os Mutantes or the lapelled, knee-socked smarts of Belle and Sebastian, they have cobbled together a special kind of mineral all their own worth making room on the Table of Elements for. Earnest, yet sinister; Vampy, but sentimental. The precise recipe that goes into this concoction cannot be revealed, but it is a delightful snow globe of warm, colorful darkness.

In 2014, they won a contest for free recording time at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, WA. This resulted in their first single, "Trouble in Paradise," that was later featured in the ABC television series Pretty Little Liars. Not long after that in 2015, their EP Cosmic Dial Tone was released on Los Angeles label Lollipop Records on the heels of a Wes Anderson tribute compilation (American Laundromat Records), to which they contributed a contagiously glad version of "Stephanie Says" by The Velvet Underground.

House of Souls Tracklisting
  1. Sacramento
  2. Carpathia
  3. Waiting on an Answer
  4. Heavy Balloon
  5. Bull Sees Red
  6. Fruits Of Misery
  7. Dead Canary
  8. Even Steven
  9. Tesseract
  10. The Snake that Swallowed the Elephant
  11. Victorian Terrarium