Let’s Eat Grandma Share Video For “Sax and The City” On Stereogum

Playing New York and Montreal Next Week
I, Gemini LP Out Now Via Transgressive
Photo credit Francesca Allen

Tour Dates
Sept 20 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade
Sept 21 – Manhattan, NY – Berlin
Sep 23 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz (Pop Montreal)

Today Let’s Eat Grandma share a video for their current single, ‘Sax In The City’, one of the standout tracks from their critically applauded debut album, ‘I, Gemini’. A dystopian nightmare of people rendered robot slaves by smartphones and tablets, ‘Sax In The City’ is all the more striking for its jaunty lo-fi pop setting. The accompanying, unsettling video is premiering now via Stereogum – watch it here via Stereogum (and here via YouTube). The band will also perform in North America for the first time later this month with two shows in New York and a date at Pop Montreal in Canada.

The director Ben Sommers, who also filmed the band’s recent ‘Eat Shiitake Mushrooms’ video, said the following:  
“We intended to keep the video quite lighthearted and playful, with Jenny and Rosa as babies crawling through the busy city landscape - we also wanted to make a subtle comment on social and political issues - the outcome a slight nod to Orwell’s 1984 and how true his novel is seemingly becoming. The baby aspect adds something quite bizarre to the video, I think it echoes the eclectic and psychedelic nature of Let’s Eat Grandma’s sound - but also gestures something worryingly poignant in respect to the world that future generations are growing up in.”

Rosa and Jenny added: 'Just us at our favourite place, wearing our favourite colour, doing what we do best - this is the most real video of Let’s Eat Grandma yet. PS Look out for the rat.”
I, Gemini’, out now on Transgressive, was recorded in the former nuclear bunker turned analog paradise, Old School Studios in Norwich, under the watchful eye of Will Twynham (Hand Of Glory Records).
As thick as thieves, as sharp as knives, as like-minded as twins, wildly imaginative multi-instrumentalists and talented putative pop stars Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth, both 17, met aged four in their local infant school in Norwich and have been inseparable ever since. Let’s Eat Grandma was formed in 2013 when Rosa was given a second hand acoustic guitar for her birthday and Jenny adopted a battered old ukulele. Influenced by playing jazz and classical music both in and out of school and their own desire to explode the pop formula, they started writing a series of uniquely structured compositions. On a month by month basis their repertoire of instruments expanded and expanded to include the saxophone, the piano, mandolin, drums, synthesizers, harmonica, recorders and whistles, even if their audience initially was only each other.

The name Let’s Eat Grandma was chosen in a rush the night before their first ever gig, from an old grammatical joke which highlights the usefulness of a well placed comma. The name is ideal for a band that can sound quite sweet and poppy on first listen but who also have deeper, darker undercurrents.