Wargirl (Cold War Kids) Premieres “Mess Around (Song For The Man)” & “People” Video On Stereogum

WARGIRL (Cold War Kids) Premieres "Mess Around (Song For The Man)" & Video for "People" via Stereogum

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“Mess Around (Song For The Man)” is a bit of politicized girl-group pop, while “People” — which arrives with a video directed by Wignall — is the kind of groove you can get lost in." - Stereogum
"Mess Around (Song For The Man) & "People" are the first two songs released by WARGIRL. They were recorded at Tackyland of Long Beach and feature Nate Willet and Matt Maust of the Cold War Kids on Bass and Keyboards. The songs were recorded to analog tape in a live setting, and mixed on a vintage British recording console. The songs, like all WARGIRL songs, are filled with social commentary metaphors, and are delivered in no frill garage rock setting. The band is made of native Californians with exception of Ecuadorian percussionist Erick Nieto, and their delivery pays homage to artist like WAR, Love, Santana, and The Ventures to name a few.

One might experience WARGIRL as a sort of time portal to a 70’s music festival where War, The Upsetters, Fela Kuti and Chaka Khan became one damn sexy, revolutionary band with latin surf pop sensibilities. Subversive lyrics are counterpointed against groovy, danceable rhythms and political statements become a hip-swaying affair, couched in a rainbow of musical flavors and colors touching on Afrobeat, reggae, and So Cal garage rock.
WARGIRL is the invention of Matt Wignall, OG producer of the Cold War Kids – who had spent the last several years kicking songs around his funky recording studio, Tackyland, in Long Beach, California. In fact, Tackyland is almost the first band member of War Girl, given that it has the space and energy to support the creation of deep, honest analog sound—the kind of vibe that infused songs like “Hang Me Out To Dry” and “Hospital Beds” for the Cold War Kids, which were birthed there some 8 years ago. 
Joining Wignall are Ecuadorian percussionist and drummer Erick Diego Nieto who learned percussion and juggling in an Ecuadorian clown school as a child, (and was brought to America by his mother in the 90’s with a suitcase and the beat up drum kit he still plays to this day). Also on percussion Jeff Suri, who grew up in Long Beach under the tutelage of local hero Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits, Mavis Staples) whose techniques included having a 12 year old Suri do Mickey Hart yoga techniques as practice. These first songs were recorded live to tape with Nathan Willet & Matt Maust of Cold War Kids, on bass and organ. The live band and most recordings also feature ladies Tamara Raye and Enya Preston on bass and keyboards making the band dominantly female.
Trading off on lead vocals are Anne Dereaux, a Nashville to LA transplant, and Santa Monica girl Marika Dahlin who grew up around the percussion of Malawi, Africa. Her parents operate the much loved charity Water Wells For Africa where Wignall originally met Dahlin while he was photographing and making field recordings of the Malawian tribal villages. (Some of these field recordings have made their way as loops and samples into WARGIRL songs.)
The music is as good as the message, a song about a cheating boyfriend becomes a metaphor for a dishonest government (Mess Around), another track tells us about an individual getting ousted from their building in NY as the tide of progress and gentrification changes the landscape. Not afraid to be poppy with a large dose of improvisation is the game and all in all it’s groovy.

WARGIRL have teamed up with CONNECT, Reverbnation's invite-only artist development program.
09/01 – The Music Box, San Diego