OG OC Punk Rikk Agnew’s new LP Learn from the Rikk Agnew Band on Frontier Records out Oct. 14

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PUNK NEWS: OG OC Punk Rikk Agnew’s new LP Learn from the Rikk Agnew Band on Frontier Records out Oct. 14
Dearest "Kids of the Black Hole”
Adolescents. Christian Death. D.I. Social Distortion. The Detours. Naughty Women. ADZ. 45 Grave. 
Anyone who has paid attention to music over the last 35+ years has even a passing knowledge of most of these iconic SoCal/Orange County punk & goth bands. But what many of you might NOT know is that singer/guitarist/lyricist Rikk Agnew played a pretty huge part in bringing these bands the recognition they so richly deserve. What’s more, any punk worth his weight in the pit knows is that in 1982, Rikk released an audacious punk solo album, All By Myself, which he wrote, sang and played all the instruments on. This was not only unheard of in 1982, it was also unthinkable. It’s part of the reason why Agnew is known as the ‘Brian Wilson of punk’. 
On October 14, Frontier Records and Rikk Agnew (whose history go back more than three decades) are set to release The Rikk Agnew Band’s debut full-length LP (no CDs!) Learn. Featuring 12 high-octane tunes that are sure to continue the legacy of punk’s reigning genius, they chronicle a larger story of recovery that is both shocking and remarkable - a la the cover of the LP. Check out this OC Weekly cover story from a few years back to learn more:

Track listing is:
1. Bash
2. Boulevard
3. Cat Fight
4. Deprogrammer
5. I Can’t Change The World
6. Kitten Robot Blues
7. Learn
8. Life Stinks
9. Nelson’s Blood
10. Punk Belly
11. Ripped to the Tits
12. Think of the Children