The Dabbers Premiere Video "Hidden Tins" Via Noisey

The Dabbers Premiere Video "Hidden Tin" Via Noisey
"San Diego garage-pop duo The Dabbers are picking up where the Pixies left off—both in their lilting garage pop jams, and, more literally, as the soundtrack to the trailer for Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club 2 comics collection.

That the author has cosigned the outfit, who are also collaborating with him on the film adaptation of his novel Lullaby, isn't surprising: the pair are something of a creative force to be reckoned with. 
The song recalls the little personal items and illegal contraband that Shelby and her mom and brother stowed away in their cramped apartment growing up—but it also speaks to a deeper set of feelings. 'When I sing it live, I picture very fuzzy, melancholic details of my childhood,' she explains. 'It's a funny song, really, about associations, misunderstandings, naiveté.'

The song's Grant Reinero-directed music video, which we're pleased to premiere below, pits the two up against stark framing and slo-mo distortion as they pummel through a live performance of the song. There are some cool Twin Peaks-style Black Lodge drapery thrown in, too."