Morgan Delt shares “The System of 1000 Lies" (from Phase Zero) + Updated 2016 tour dates

Morgan Delt shares “The System of 1000 Lies,” a new offering from Phase Zero 

2016 tour schedule extended through 
September 24th
Photo credit: Lily Keep
Phase Zero available worldwide August 26th 
from Sub Pop

Morgan Delt has shared “The System of 1000 Lies,” a new offering from Phase Zero, his forthcoming Sub Pop debut.

Listen: “System of 1000 Lies” [link here]

Morgan Delt’s international tour schedule for 2016 in support ofPhase Zero resumes August 4th in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie at Rotondesbeen and has now been extended through September 24th, with a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn.  
Delt and his band will tour both Europe (August 4th-20th) and North America (September 14th-24th) during this time. Please find a current schedule below.

Phase Zero is available to preorder now [link here]. LP pre-orders through Sub Pop Mega Mart and at independent retailers near you will receive the limited Loser Edition on red vinyl (while supplies last).

Phase Zero, which includes the singles “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside,”  the aforementioned “The System of 1000 Lies,” and “Some Sunsick Day,” was performed entirely by Delt and recorded in his Topanga Canyon studio, with mastering by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering.

More on Morgan Delt from Brian Turner of WFMU:
The invocation of classic west coast psychedelia that permeates Phase Zero, Morgan Delt's Sub Pop debut LP, feels like a continuous sunrise, never concealing its influences yet perfectly putting its songs through a gauzy lens that blurs and obscures. Is such a thing even possible after witnessing umpteen reverb-jockeys creating their own take on the genre? Can anything truly different be done in the realm of being both original and reverent, wearing favorite records and artists' moves on one's sleeve? Definitely the case with our man here. After releasing a 6-song cassette in 2013 followed by a full length for the Trouble In Mind label, the California native now fine-tunes his sound world outwardly rather than honing in on a specific trajectory, allowing all of said influences to coexist together in a unique yet undoubtedly Californian vision.

The resulting 10-song collection, performed entirely by Delt, recorded in his Topanga Canyon studio and then mastered by JJ Golden, is a home-fi construction with a more subtle,
brainticklingcharacter than its predecessor, and somewhat reflects a realist take on the flower power fantasy of 1967. Doused in echo and haze, slow chords lap in like Pacific waves, flanked by gentle whispers of multi-tracked, cooing vox, phased guitars and fuzz that calmly surrounds the listener's head less than it jabs at the cortex. Opener “I Don't Wanna See What's Happening Outside” is almost the sharpest-sounding number on the record with jittery, choogling guitar that makes its dry solo run upfront, appearing mid-song out of a fog. The sense of home experimentation amidst the lo-fidelity and oozy layers of vocals almost brings to mind Christine McVie's lush pacification of Lindsey Buckingham's deliberate New Wave pot-stirring on Tusk, but unlike that record, Delt's futurism fog can't help but nod to Sunset acid of days of yore. One doesn't need to listen close to extract healthy doses of Notorious Byrd Brothers, Curt Boettcher, Terry Riley, and Buffalo Springfield in the stew with a solid line of fluttery electronics that fizzle in and out of the floaty arrangements. “Sun Powers” hits the deck like a lift-off from a ‘70s UK sci-fi TV show, sunny tremolo zipping in circles around warm Zombies-like vocals coming out of some kinda cave, lovely melodies and words overriding any turbulence or background FX.

The great thing about Delt's approach to such history is (and sorry to sound harsh) that unlike too many of his so-called L.A. psych-rock peers, there's no costume involved, no application of a conjured identity to match a specific image. He's no psychedelic Civil War re-enactor, so to speak. It's subtle and tactful revisionism without using psychedelia as a crutch/easy marketing tool and letting the sounds come out and make their own case. So many ideas and levels of activity move around the ascents and descents of songs like “Age of the Birdman” (an ode to the survivors of Easter Island's environmental collapse) and the flowing “Another Person” that you're just asked to lay down and let it all cover you over rather than contemplate much else. Yet there's a certain acknowledgement that the beauty must be preserved by proactive consciousness/action in the world.

It takes a creative mind to hone in on a song like “Escape Capsule” without wearing out
well-trodden use of tablas and electric drones. More often than not it all traditionally can fall into Beatles or Spacemen 3 terrain, but on this song Delt can transport what would normally be a dark-n-druggy blanket into a much more optimistic and friendly listening experience. Despite his voice being channelled through hallucinatory effects, it's warm and inviting, projecting a sense of hope (particularly in “Some Sunsick Day,” which evokes the hopeful “We'll Meet Again” as the world explodes at the end of Dr. Strangelove, later covered by the Byrds). It's more or less just an invite to watch the sun rise, too.

What people have said about Morgan Delt:
"I Don't Want To See What's Happening Outside" sounds like the kind of music you'd listen to on a perfect sunny day. But Morgan Delt not only doesn't want to go outside, he can't even bear to look out his window.” [“I Don’t Wanna See…”] - NPR Music

“His new song “I Don’t Wanna See What’s Happening Outside” is a piece of crystal-clear underwater pop music, and it sounds a bit like recent-vintage Tame Impala might sound if they drifted much further out into space.” - Stereogum

“Blissful, gorgeous...” [“I Don’t Wanna See…”] - Brooklyn Vegan

“Listen to the taped-together percussion on opener “Make My Grey Brain Green”, which rides a scratchy bass line and flowers into something like the moment when Dorothy’s black-and-white world goes RGB. There’s the Morricone-meets-Jodorowsky acid drone of “Barbarian Kings”, the cyclical wobble of “Little Zombies”, the way “Chakra Sharks” rattles and crashes through a hornet’s nest of guitars into a wailing refrain of “Bye bye, farewell.” Throughout the album there’s a heightened, eerie quality to his vocals; the feeling is something like an asylum patient waving to a car as it recedes over the horizon.” [Morgan Delt]- Pitchfork

“This debut album proper, an 11-track collection on the Chicago imprint Trouble In Mind, takes something from the Ariel Pink school of outré production, although Delt is quite obviously on his own trip, and you could just as easily work him into a lineage that stretches from The Red Krayola and West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band through to psych-influenced beatmakers such as Edan,
Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer.” [Morgan Delt] -  FACT Magazine

“He allows his guitar and vocals to meld into a single, constantly mutating surface that coats Morgan Delt like neon jelly in a vacuum, continuously rippling and hovering in all directions. The overall effect suggests the sound of a crafty intellect worming its way through the pleasantly foggy maze of
an Rx-abuse cloud.” [Morgan Delt] - Impose

“A lot of people have done the same kind of excavation and restoration work he has, but few have done it as
memorably. Almost no one has done it with songs as good as these.” [Morgan Delt] - All Music Guide

Tour Dates
Aug. 04 - Luxembourg-Bonnevoie, LX -
Aug. 05 - Liege, BE - Micro Festival
Aug. 06 - Yverdon-
les-Bains, CH - Club Paradis
Aug. 08 - Berlin, DE - Berghain
Aug. 09 - Copenhagen, DK - KB18
Aug. 10 - Oslo, NO - Oya Festival
Aug. 11 - Göteborg, SE - Way Out West Festival
Aug. 12 - Hamburg, DE - ÜBEL&GEFÄHRLICH
Aug. 13 - Amsterdam, NL -  Paradiso
Aug. 14 - Saint-Malo, FR - La Route du Rock Festival
Aug. 15 - London, UK - Moth Club
Aug. 16 - Manchester, UK - Soup Kitchen
Aug. 17 - Leeds, UK - A Nation of Shopkeepers
Aug. 18 - Brighton, UK - Prince Albert
Aug. 19 - Paris, FR - Le Point Ephemere
Aug. 20 - Stein Am Rhein, CH - Klingen Openair Festival
Sep. 14 - Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle
Sep. 15 - Detroit, MI - UFO Factory
Sep. 16 - Toronto, ON - The Silver Dollar
Sep. 17 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz
Sep. 20 - Washington, DC - DC9
Sep. 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle
Sep. 23 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East
Sep. 24 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby’s All Right