The Octopus Project @ Troubadour

The Octopus Project are one of those bands from Austin, Texas that have been around for a while, but you wonder about them. The name is provocative, but what is the story? Once you finally see them all is explained. This is an amazing live band. They are a mostly instrumental band, along the lines of Battles and Stereolab. They are high energy. They got a lot of notice a few years ago when they played Coachella. But it may be finally their time. The come out and look like a lounge group. They switch instruments and jump around onstage. The girl plays a theremin. The drummer is awesome. They play songs from all their three albums, and they have existed for a decade. I guess they are a band that have definitely spread by word of mouth. It was definitely one of the best and surprising shows of the year. The LA band, Voices Voices, opened up, and were also entertaining. I am glad that their are new bands out their blowing minds every day.